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Produce documents securely, better, easier and faster

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Microsoft Office Training

Increase productivity with Microsoft Office training. We will assess your current level and proffer solutions tailored to your needs.

We focus on helping you get much more from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access and Teams. Our training will equip your teams and help them complete tasks better & quicker. You will love the increased productivity your team bring to tasks.

Our practical approach to training ensures quick adoption of useful skills by our clients.

Microsoft Office Training

Microsoft Word

Produce, manage & collaborate on documents - better, faster & easier

Microsoft Excel

Make sense of data - input, analyse & output useful information

Microsoft PowerPoint

Create impactful slides
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Microsoft Word Training

Our Word training focuses on efficient document production and management.

We have successfully trained people who are able to create and manage complex Word documents on their own. They are able to collaborate with others on live documents and always produce highly professional work that can be used in any board meeting or technical report.

Learn how to use Microsoft Word well and produce documents better, faster & easier.

Microsoft Excel Training

Microsoft Excel is  a powerful data visualisation and analysis tool used by students and workers.

Our Excel training is role based – and centers around the practical application of learned skills. This way, learners can apply their acquired knowledge immediately and their work productivity increases within a short time. It is broken into the following:

  • Excel Fundamentals
  • Intermediate Excel
  • Advanced Excel

Employers report increased efficiency of learners, which have earned us glowing tributes.

Microsoft Excel Sheet

Microsoft PowerPoint Training

The ability to give a successful presentation when is an essential skill. When audio-visual aid is required, PowerPoint is the best presentation tool available today.

We have helped many gain their confidence at meetings & boardrooms by showing them how to use PowerPoint as a presentation tool that aids the presenter, with focus on the ideas being presented.

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Microsoft Excel

Computers, tablets & smartphones are a vital part of your online school. We recognise that, and offer technical support for devices used for e-learning.  Whether it is server management, computer performance issues or  hardware repairs.

Microsoft Excel Sheet

Microsoft PowerPoint Training

Most people have to sell a product or idea in a boardroom or to an audience at some point in their careers. When you use PowerPoint rightly, your presentation will be impactful & compelling. Our Microsoft Office Training works assesses your current skill level and provides training that is right for you.

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